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14th-Century Steambath Discovered in Mexico City

Remains of the steambath found beneath Mexico City. Image: INAHArchaeologists in Mexico City have uncovered a pre-Hispanic steambath dating back to the 14th century. Its location in the city’s historic district confirms the whereabouts of a

Why I Went Birdwatching at a Particle Physics Lab

A rough-legged hawk hunting over the Fermilab grounds.Photo: Ryan F. MandelbaumWe drove past the perfect-circle frozen pond delineating the Booster—the second in a sequence of Fermilab’s particle accelerators—and then onto the 2-mile ring

Normal Body Temperature Isn’t Always 98.6

Photo: ShutterstockFor years, I’ve noticed that my temperature is often lower than what it’s “supposed” to be. On a normal day, it might be 97; if I’ve got chills and other clear symptoms of a fever, it won’t necessarily register over 100.